Myrtle Beach Flea Market
Sonny's Knives & Coins Vintage Signs
Military Hats Coin Supplies Decals

Sonny's Knives located in The Myrtle Beach Flea Market is a popular destination for the knife or coin collector in Myrtle Beach. He has coin supplies, books, tubes, etc to store your collectible vintage coins in. He also buys and sells coins. Sonny has been a vendor in The Myrtle Beach Flea Market since it's opening day in 1994. Many tourists return year after year to visit with Sonny and get the necessary supplies to store their vintage coins in. He has a big local following also.

Sonny is also the spot for the knife collector.  Whether your are looking for a new pocket knife for yourself or a first pocket knife for your son or grandson, Sony will steer you to the right choice.

Sonny's Knives also has a full display of Military caps. These are great gifts for any veteran of any branch of the service.  Sonny also sells vintage metal advertising signs, and when he can find them any vintage metal pedal car or antique toy. He carries a line of decals also. You just never know what you might find at Sonny's so be sure when you are looking for someplace to go or something to do in Myrtle Beach to visit the Myrtle Beach Flea Market and stop and see the deals you will find at Sonny's Knives. He is located on Aisle 1 in the main building about halfway down the aisle.

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