Myrtle Beach Flea Market
Pali Hawaiian Sandals
The Most Comfortable Beach Shoes You Will Ever Own

The Original Pali Hawaiian sandals, a Myrtle Beach favorite. You'll love these soft,  waterproof slippers. They are perfect for the ocean sand or the pool. Just hose them off with water, and let them dry. They are so comfortable, you won't believe it until you try them. They mold to your feet, they have an arch support, and they are even great for stimulating your circulation, which is helpful if you are a diabetic. If you are on a Myrtle Beach vacation, visit the Myrtle Beach Flea Market and pick up a pair of these Pali ,Hawaiian, soft, waterproof sandals. Try them out, feel how comfortable they are, and you'll come back and buy a pair in every color to take back home with you. You'll find these at Devon's Beachwear on aisle 5 in The Myrtle Beach Flea Market.

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